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The School Bag welcomes you to deluge in era of online education.The world today has come to halt and you find your yourself behind the latched door. There is nothing to worry about. The School Bag brings in a way out for you.If you are missing the classroom fun, start leaning with The School bag. Effortless interaction between teachers and students, smooth schedules that will get you through. Real time reporting and performance-based grading, you find it all here.The School Bag offers the schools with a virtual manager to maintain student and teacher records, prepare flexible time-tables, schedule exams, keep a track of attendance and also painless fee collection. The regular parents’ teacher interaction ensures the growth of the child even in this critical scenario. The School Bag proves to be the best platform for online imparting of education and learning, and welcomes you to join hands and contribute to obstacle less spread of education.

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As this covid-19 pandemic stuck the world. I was worried and had no clue about how my school would cope this global pandemic. I was exhausted thinking and over thinking about how the classes could be conducted and what more amount of investment it would require to use any proficient online platform. The School Bag gave me perfect and adaptable solutions to my problems. I am glad that I approached the A2d team just in time and saved my small business going bankrupt.

Fee collection was one of the most difficult issues we encountered. COVID 19 has totally disabled any communication with the parents. When the parents couldn't reach for fee submission, we were helpless. The issue of how long I would have to support the school on my own finances kept jangling my nerves. This is when I was introduced to The School Bag, which made my fees collection procedure a breeze with its integrated payment function I'm grateful for their professional assistance.

I am a teacher and my family's main earner. When all schools were closed due to lockdown, my greatest concern was losing my job. The issue of my family's survival bothered me. The School Bag, A2d's best endeavour, appeared on the scene. I urged the school administration to start using this portal as soon as possible. We were also helped with technical components via the School Bag. I'm ecstatic and appreciative to the A2d team for creating such a wonderful platform.