A new way to revolutionise
school environment

The School Bag app is specially designed for schools in the hour of the global pandemic COVID-19. The web application is equipped with features for smooth conduction of online classes, real time discussion between students and teachers as well as amongst the school staff members. The app intends to resolve major issues like attendance, fee collection and maintaining records of the student performance. The provision of real time reports of the students attending their classes and the interaction between the parents and teachers through regular online meetings assures the guardians of the regular and fruitful growth of their ward even in this critical time.

The easy-to-use User Interface establishes connection between the teacher and students just by a simple click of a button. The doubt clearing portal of The School Bag application, is an extended feature to clarify doubts, thus minimizing fuzz about technology.

The School Bag equips the management with efficient solutions for fee collection, updating results and performance reports, as well as keeping track of attendance. “The all-in-one application The School Bag makes the remote working regime productive.”

Impact on staff

School management along with The School Bag application becomes dexterous at running the school online, because of real time synchronization, events get updated regularly, which ensures smooth functioning of School. There is no need of maintaining record books for future reference, when all the records get efficiently updated on the application, thus avoiding data redundancy. Maintaining messages, doubts, assignments, practice sheets and homework is just a matter of a few clicks with The School Bag. Learning to use the portal becomes a cake walk for the management staff as the A2d team is always available to lend a hand.

Impact on Parent

The integrated payment system enables the parents to submit school fee just in time without visiting the school or bank physically. This puts an end to the lack of funds for the school, avoiding any kind of risk to life. Parents need not worry anymore about the growth of their ward as The School Bag organizes classes and exams punctually and aims at availing best content by qualified teachers. Equipped with exam modules online exams have become easier than ever, just by using the app. Thus, the education of their kid does not get hampered even during the global pandemic ensuring the safety of life as well.